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At Universal Granite our main objective is to deliver you the finest worktops. With our large team and base we can deliver to any part of England and do a full installation. With our industry expert stone masons and tradesmen you will always be in great hands.


We specialise in colours such as star galaxy granite worktops and black granite worktops. Our dedicated customer service personals will always post out a sample of our material to ensure you know exactly what you’re buying.

Here you can find our top tips for buying granite/quartz worktops for your kitchen.


1 - If your supplier does not know about how to spot good and bad quality granite then you do not have a chance.


2 - Ask where the material is from as it is mined in specific areas around the world, if they cannot tell you the origin then they do not know their shop!


3 - Always give an accurate plan as it will get you an accurate cost.


4 - Try and visit the supplier, scruffy factory - scruffy job, simple.


5 - Ask for what the plus and minus points are for the specific granite you are buying.


6 - Ask if they seal the product, great question to catch out the supplier with very little knowledge. Granite is definitely sealed in the factory and again on site when fitting. Quartz if a branded product i.e. Compac or Silestone, this is already sealed by the manufacturer and does not need any other sealant.


7 - Ask if they "cut on site", if they say yes beware, there are some things that can be done on site like hob cut out, unpolished sink cut out, and some that should be done in a factory on accurate machinery IE arches and under mount sink cut outs drainer grooves, don't confuse cut on site with cut in kitchen, 2 different things.


8 - Ask if they are using scant or blanks, scant always works out expensive as its the old way of processing, blanks are already processed and only need to be trimmed to size back and sides, regardless what they say time really has moved on, we no longer rely on £200,000 worth of machines to achieve the perfect outcome.


9 - Ask if they template or survey?, this will all depend on the project in question, some projects are very simple which have straight walls and basic cut outs like an unpolished sink and hob with straight edges, they do not require a template and only a survey. If the project is more intricate then a template must be insisted on, things like under mount sink cut outs, drainer grooves, shaping etc, remember it all costs money, your money!


10 - This is our most important tip, ask for a sample of the product of your choice as the quality can change from company to company, if you are happy with the quality then it does not matter what anyone else thinks as it is your kitchen. Make sure that the sample you receive is a true representation of the end product.

If you require any further advice then don’t hesitate to call our sales team on Call us on 0161 480 0828 or contact us.

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