Luna Stone

Luna Stone quartz is a  high quality product. Made in the same patented way as the major quartz engineered stone manufactures it is resistant to scratches, heat, staining and citric acid.

Bianco Carrara Quartz Artico Quartz Bianco Luminoso Quartz Bianco Grigio Quartz

Bianco Carrara
Carrara coloured marble effect

Plain brilliant white

Bianco Luminoso
White with mirror fleck

Bianco Grigio
White with small grey flecks

Bianco Metallo Quartz Multicolore Pearla Quartz Crema Roma Quartz Luna Quartz

Bianco Metallo
White with zinc metal

Multicolore Pearla
Off white/light grey with fossils

Crema Roma
Cream with stone pebbles

Yellow with mirror fleck

Sabbia Quartz Crema Luminoso Quartz Crema Pearla Quartz Biscotti Quartz

Plain cream

Crema Luminoso
Cream with mirror flek

Crema Pearla
Cream with pearls

Beige with mirror fleck

Botticino Quartz Salmon Quartz Caramello Quartz Cappucino Quartz

Cream with marble effect

Pink salmon with mirror effect

Caramel with mirror fleck

Light brown

Brunastro Quartz Cocoa Luminoso Cafe Quartz Platino Quartz

Dk grey/lt brown
with slight pattern

Cocoa Luminoso
Brown with mirror fleck

Patterned brown

Light grey with mirror fleck

Grigio Luminoso Quartz Concreto Quartz Grigio Natura Quartz Grigio Perla Quartz

Grigio Luminoso
Grey with mirror fleck

Plain dark grey

Grigio Natura
Grey/brown with mottle effect

Grigio Perla
Grey with pearls

Grigio Metallo Quartz Tempesta Quartz Nero Luminoso Quartz Gallassia Quartz

Grigio Metallo
Grey with zinc metal

Dark Grey with mirror fleck

Nero Luminoso
Black with mirror fleck

Black with gold fleck

Nero Metallo Quartz Nero Perla Quartz Nocturno Quartz Blu Luminoso Quartz

Nero Metallo
Black with zinc metal

Nero Perla
Black with pearls

Plain black

Blu Luminoso
Blue with mirror fleck

Rossi Luminoso Quartz    

Rossi Luminoso
Red with mirror fleck

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