5 Simple Steps to Give Your Budget Kitchen the Wow Factor

Published on: Sep 04 2015 by admin

Make Your Kitchen Look Expensive Without Splashing the Cash

Your kitchen should be the centrepiece of your home, the room which impresses the most. You cook there, maybe you eat, study and socialize there as well when you have guests – so you want it to be an attractive room both for you and for your visitors. There’s just one problem: budget. A beautiful kitchen can be expensive. For that reason, in this article you’ll discover 5 simple, cost effective ways to make a budget kitchen stand out and rival the best. Read on to find out more.


#1 The Taller the Better

This doesn’t mean install your cabinets out of reach, but taller cabinets create more storage space for you, and they look much more pleasing. An obvious trait of a budget kitchen is having smaller cabinets, but by shopping around you can buy cabinets which are tall, sturdy, and pleasant to look at without spending a fortune.


#2 Let There be Light

Lighting is one of the most important aspects of any room. Get this wrong and no matter how well laid out and stylish your kitchen is, it will still look unappealing and feel uninviting – no good for you or your guests! With some strategically placed down lights, a few spots, and pushing the budget out slightly for a stylish main fitting above, you can significantly improve the look of your kitchen, while making it more functional.


#3 Think About Your Flooring

How many times have you seen a brand new kitchen where the owner has spent their budget on beautiful cabinets and fittings, but ignored the floor. Some stylish ceramic tiles will catch the eye as soon as you enter, especially if you have them laid out diagonally. Remember, your floor is not just something you walk on, it’s often the first thing you look at when you enter a room, so make sure it dazzles.


#4 A Dash of Colour

Using colour effectively without being garish about it is a great way to add a unique style to your kitchen. Most people play it safe with white, black, or wood finished units, but blues or reds with silver fittings can create a look which is stylish and unlike every other kitchen you walk into.


#5 More than a Kitchen

If your kitchen is big enough, try to think about it as more than where you simply keep food. It’s the heart of your home – a table or island to study at; a TV and some comfortable chairs to relax in. These touches can be added without blowing your budget. Just make sure it all matches and you’re good to go! Add some flowers and some little decorative details like books and ornaments, and you’ll have a fantastic kitchen which serves many functions.

Do you have any suggestions how to improve the look of a kitchen on a budget? We’d love to hear from you, so please do leave your comments below!

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