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Published on: May 30 2014 by admin

The kitchen is the focal point of a house especially in the United Kingdom. We take great pleasure in making it a place where we can have breakfast, lunch and dinner. Not forgetting the kids homework while mum cooks or the place of contact everyone gets of there digital social platforms and finally make some human interaction. The kitchen is the most used place in the house. These are many reasons why we sometimes have issues of clutter, messiness and illusion of a smaller space. So how do we make our kitchen look nicer and a lot bigger?

The best way to start is to have a clear out. You need to throw away everything that you don’t need. Why do I have 5 whisks? Do I really need all of them? Well if you are honest with yourself then you will see you can throw a lot away and in tern have a lot more space.

Another way is to prepare space for your cooking and chopping. The chopping usually were the wear and tear come from. Have a permanent place where you can fix a chopping board that folds around your granite. This will help prevent markings and wear and tear on the surface as studies show it’s the chopping boards create the most markings on the worktop

Try using cupboards for the use of appliances and also try fitting the appliances onto the kitchen. This will automatically generate a lot of space for you. This should also help generate more of the minimalist look in the kitchen.

Utilise the kitchen in a way that it doesn’t become a place where everything is cluttered and overwhelming. Reside in this place but always make sure to keep it uncluttered so your worktops and kitchen ware can stand out with out being compromised.

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