10 Myths about Granite

Published on: Apr 18 2013 by admin

1) Will my granite worktop stain easily?

Granite worktops are resistant to stains. Any liquid that is spilled on a granite worktop, if wiped up quickly within a few minutes, will not leave a stain. However, even water will soak into the worktop and leave a dampened coloured stain but given a few minutes it will evaporate. Certain liquids that do not evaporate such as oils or paint will cause stains if left on the worktop and not cleaned immediately.


2) If exposed to high heat will this cause my Granite worktop to chip and crack?

The Granite worktops are heat proof and are able to withstand the heat of hot pots and pans without being damaged or chip and cracked. Impact from a heavy blunt object will cause some wear and tear but heat from anything less than a blowtorch will not give any problems to the worktop.


3) If my worktop does get stained, is it permanent?

Most stains should be removable from the worktop. Even oil stains can on occasion be removed using a paste or poultice that will draw out the oil from the stone.


4) Is a Dark coloured worktop harder than a light coloured one?

The worktops are made up of many different minerals each of those minerals has their own specific properties. The hardest mineral which is usually found in granite worktops is quartz, which is usually a translucent, white to grey coloured mineral.


5) Can bacteria be found in the Granite worktops tiny pore and fissures?

Bacteria and germs are everywhere. If you think they are on the granite worktop then they most definitely are on top of other surfaces as well such as a laminate or solid countertop. Using an anti-bacterial soap to clean the worktop should do the trick.


6) Are Granite worktops permeable?

Granite worktops definitely pass as being water resistant and are actually less absorbent than most solid surface products. Granite and Quartz are commonly used as building materials for high-rise buildings because of its ability to withstand high pressure/gale force winds and rain.


7) Does the Granite worktop require a lot of maintenance?

Not really, a quick routine clean using mild soap and water is generally all that is needed. Also re-application of a penetrating sealer about once a year should be done, which usually takes about 10-15 minutes, which is faster than using metal wool to scour the solid surface countertops with a cleanser to remove scratches.


8) Are Granite and Marble worktops jus the same?

Other than the fact they are both natural stones and can be polished, they are totally different. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate mineral, most commonly calcite, formed from the oceanic deposits which are then compressed under immense pressure. Granite is an igneous rock, which consists of quartz, mica and feldspar. It is basically molten magma which is cooled and then hardened with the earth’s crust.


9) After many years will my Granite worktop lose its polish?

The loss of polish over the years may be true for marble worktops, granite worktops will continue to shine many years from now as if it was brand new. The worktops are also highly scratch resistant and will not show signs of any wear and tear from daily use.


10) Will purchasing a granite worktop cost me a fortune?

Granite worktops are mostly competitively priced in comparison to other high end surfacing materials. You will be awe struck when you compare the prices between granite worktops and other popular surfacing materials. Granite provides an unmatched value in its natural beauty, durability and elegance.

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