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If you are looking for honest advice on anything to do with home improvements, you couldn’t do much better than ask the professionals what they chose for their own home. So, when we heard Julia Amer, who works for a kitchen company, had invested in a new kitchen for the family’s Chorley home, we wanted to know more.

“We chose a kitchen with a ‘horseshoe peninsula’ so the worktops had to be able to form curves but we wanted them to look seamless,” said Julia.

“I knew about Corian and the company Universal Granite through my work, so I chose both without hesitation.”

Julia said the choice of Corian went far beyond looks: “We wanted the kitchen to be family-friendly and with three boys, that meant it had to be tough. But we also needed to know the worktops could be repaired if they ever became damaged and that can be done with Corian. It also has that timeless look so it will never go out of fashion.”


“They just wanted to be sure i was happy with the result. i have to say it’s absolutely beautiful”


Colin Gillan of Universal Granite explained how Corian can be ‘thermoformed’ – moulded into curves and 3D shapes using specialist heating equipment, then all joints made virtually invisible with a precisely colour-matched resin. That makes it extremely versatile in the hands of experts – and is one of the reasons why Universal Granite is one of very few specialists in the area to be officially licensed to work with the material.

As its name suggests, the company is better known for its expertise in granite – and it is recognised as one of the region’s

authorities on this coveted natural material in all its forms, from pure black to ‘Star Galaxy’ with its metallic sparkle and a whole array of colours in between.

That same expertise is also applied to innovative materials such as Corian and Marblo. Both are ‘polymer-based hybrids’ meaning they are natural minerals encased in advanced man-made materials, combining the beauty of nature with the versatility of synthetics, giving a range of shapes unheard of in granite or marble slabs. Universal Granite has used both materials extensively in homes and commercial

applications. Colin points to one notable use of the translucency of Marblo, especially with backlighting, in Cloud 23 bar at the Hilton, Manchester.

Colin added: “For many homeowners choosing new worktops, it has to be granite but with innovative and versatile materials such as Corian and Marblo, the range of choices is so much wider, not only in looks but in places where they can be used. Whatever you choose, you know it’s going to stand up to the toughest punishment and go on looking as good as new.”

However, the last word should go to Julia: “Colin and Bob from Universal Granite were brilliant, discussing options, guiding me through scenarios – and coping with my changes of mind! Nothing seemed to be a problem – they just wanted to be sure I was happy with the result and I have to say it’s absolutely beautiful.”

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