Can You fit a Granite or Quartz Worktop Yourself?

Published on: Oct 02 2013 by admin

With the cost of any granite or quartz worktop fitting, it is tempting to ask yourself ‘can I do this myself?’. The answer to this is yes, but only if you take the time to familiarise yourself with the issues that you might encounter along the way. As with most DIY projects success relies upon your level of preparation, and fitting a  kitchen worktop is no different in this respect.

If you are being brave and are going to fit a granite or quartz worktop by yourself, let’s take a look at a few key elements you’ll need to keep in mind.


Things to Keep in Mind


  1. Required Skills: Think over the relevant skills that you have for such a project. You are going to need to have a level of competence for using power tools, not to mention adequate understanding of carpentry. Can you learn these things on your own? Absolutely! But such an important and big job might not be the best place to do the learning. Perhaps try some smaller projects first if you are a complete novice at such things.
  2. Assistance: Regardless of the materials being used, a sturdy reliable kitchen worktop will weigh quite a lot. For this reason it can’t possibly be a one person job. You will need someone to assist you in its installation. Furthermore, this will make the job far safer as dealing with such heavy materials can result in serious accidents if you are not careful.
  3. Measurements: It’s absolutely key that your measurements are precise. Ensure at all times that each measurement you have made allows for a clean and perfect fit for your worktop. An error of the smallest degree can result in unsightly gaps which will ultimately detract from the appearance of your kitchen.
  4. Polished Materials: Most granite or quartz worktops will have a polished finish. This allows for a professional and smooth stylish appearance which is also easily wiped clean when preparing foods. One of the most common mishaps, when house owners install kitchen worktops themselves, is surfaces being scratched or damaged accidentally. The utmost care must be taken to protect the surfaces when being cut and lifted.
  5. Tools and Solvents: You need to have the correct tools to cut and join your kitchen worktops. This can be an expensive part of the process. When cutting granite or quartz you should use the highest quality cutting materials such as diamond. Also, you will require a number of specialised solvents and silicon sealants when joining or attaching your surfaces to their stands.
  6. Where to Position Joints: At no time should a joint be placed over appliances such as dishwashers or washing machines where vibrations could cause serious damage to your worktop material, resulting in joints coming apart in the future.


These are just some of the considerations which need to be remembered when installing a worktop yourself. We hope that this article helps, but remember, in the long run it is always preferential to have a worktop cut and installed by a trained professional.

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