Cheapest worktops aren’t always the best

Published on: Jul 12 2013 by admin

Now that you’re ready to decorate your kitchen. You decided to purchase granite or quartz worktops. Now it’s probably a good start to get a quote of some fabricators instead of going to kitchen fitters to keep the costings down.

When searching for the best quote most get overwhelmed to where they should start. Best place to start is the search engines. Type in ‘granite worktops’ or ‘quartz worktops’ and formulate the search listings. You will most probably get 100’s of search results. It’s probably safe to start from the top as these would most probably be the best in that industry. Saying that you can most probably stay with in the first 10 listings and get a quote.

When getting your quote be sure to take lots of references and samples of their worktops. The company should usually post a sample or if you are close it maybe a good idea to drive down to there warehouse. You can also find comparison websites online with quotes for worktops granite. Workman ship is something very important. The research you need to do on your desired company will prove vital. See catalogues of there finishing also.

Reading reviews on companies is always crucial. With every product we usually read the product review even if it costs £5. So why do we not do it before spending thousands of pounds on your granite or quartz worktops.

Now before you go out spending that left over money from this years salary be sure it is invested properly. Cheapest isn’t always the best. Even if you find yourself paying a tad more it maybe more worth it to spend it on someone who knows what there doing.

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