Does Granite Scratch?

Published on: Jun 04 2013 by admin

Theres quite a lot of myths and ideas to whether granite truly scratches. Can we actually tell a granite by scratching it? To be completely honest you can almost scratch any product if you really want too. It all depends on how badly you want to scratch it.

On a deeper look into granite. It is actually one of the hardest, non staining and avoids scratches at all costs. I have had my worktop for over 6 years now and my wife has chopped and left hot piping woks on top with out any damage. As mentioned before if you really want to scratch and stain you can do. But it’s for casual and every day use I would highly doubt anything will happen to your worktop.

However please do not use your worktop as a regular chopping board as you may fall under the person who intends to scratch up there worktops to make a point.

However if you do find yourself some how miraculously damaging your worktop you can always call one of the experts to come and restore it. At Universal Granite we specialise not only delivering the highest quality in granite but also restoring it too. We will also come down to restore any granite worktops in London too.

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