How to create the ideal kitchen for your home on a budget

Published on: Jan 08 2014 by admin

When it comes to designing the dream kitchen for your home; limited funds can be a frustrating barrier. The main thing to have when creating the ideal kitchen is a good eye and taste for a good fit.


1. The first step to any fitted home kitchen is to find a reliable kitchen fitter. With so many different fitters out there it is best to take your time to do your research and be sure to take references of any of their previous works.


2. Simple is the new black. Keeping things simple will ensure your style of kitchen will never grow old. The best arrangements for cabinets usually consist of wide, deep drawers. You can also look into floor mounted cupboards but be careful not to mix the two in a single run. It can look very messy so it is best to avoid combining the two which can create a full height wall and floor mounted unit. Keeping the right symmetry will go a long way.


3. When it comes to selecting appliances for your kitchen, avoid the expensive brands. Remember, when on a budget you can still find basic appliances that work well.  Just be sure to find appliances with a good energy efficiency rating. Most appliances can be positioned behind cabinet fronts to match the style of the kitchen.


4. Extractor fans should never be placed between wall cabinets, this looks messy and clumsy. One method of preventing this is to conceal the extractor fan in a wall cabinet with no bottom. This will hide the fan while still allowing it to be used. Another method is to replace the adjacent cabinets with open shelves to create more space. The cheaper extractor fans are often made in the same place as the more expensive ones, so it may be best to spend less on one.


5. Concealment is the main concern when designing a modern kitchen. There are a few tricks to achieve this. Buying a cheaper stainless steel sink and then under mounting it into your worktop will make it look more expensive and stylish. Another trick is to push the plinth of the floor units as far back as possible.


6. Kitchen taps should be of a high quality but don’t break the bank buying them. Hansgrohe is a good place to start.


7. Look into getting the main parts of your kitchen fittings from DIY stores such as Ikea or kitchen specialists such as Howdens. They are much cheaper and ideal for any kitchen designer on a budget. You can also look into having them fitted with custom doors and drawers to really create a high class design.


8. In any kitchen, the most visible parts are the worktops. This is where money should be spent. Granite worktops are ideal as they look amazing and are durable. They last a lifetime and can be quite cost effective.


When it comes to creating a high design kitchen on a budget it is best to save money where you can. Choose the right appliances and materials while having the correct judgement of fitting and style. You can create a very expensive looking kitchen with the right tricks.

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