Is each granite worktop unique?

Published on: Jun 10 2013 by admin

Granite is an extremely hard wearing stone that is extracted from quarries around the world. Like marble, limestone, and many other natural stones, granite is hundreds and thousands of years old. Each quarry extracts granite that is unique to the geological makeup of the area. Natural stones are porous and are easily penetrated by liquids such as water and oil if they are not sealed properly. It is available in a variety of colours such as black granite worktops, red and yellow, depending on where it was formed. Slabs of granite can be given a number of different finishes to create granite worktops that make ideal and distinctive surfaces.

Granite surfaces can be treated in different ways to ensure that each granite worktop achieves its own unique texture, look, and feel. There are a number of different methods to go about the production of granite countertops and these include, but are not limited to polishing, honing, flaming, or brushing. Each granite worktop is polished using diamond polishers after being cut to shape to fit the exact requirements of your kitchen, making these pieces unique and bespoke.

Polished granite worktops are the most common choice for kitchens as these look elegant, shiny, distinct, bring out the colour in the granite, and are a lot easier to maintain than most other finishes. Less shiny and smooth than the polished finish are honed granite worktops that are known for their causal and contemporary feel. Popular for newly installed granite worktops, these are extremely durable and if taken care of, will last a lifetime. Flamed finish granite worktops are textured and slip resistant while granite worktops with brushed or antiqued finishes have a more dramatic look when compared to the other finishes.

The last word in elegance, style and practicality, granite worktops are ideal additions for your kitchen. The second hardest natural stone after diamond, granite is strong enough for everyday use, which makes it optimal material for worktops.

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