Quartz Worktops: How Are They Made?

Published on: Feb 19 2014 by admin

A finely crafted and installed Quartz worktop can quite easily put a beautiful finishing touch to any kitchen. But how are these elegant and impressive worktops actually made?


Quartz is a common material found in the Earth’s crust. Despite its abundance, the crystals which are used to make each Quartz worktop are one of nature’s marvels. As a material, Quartz is highly durable which makes it the perfect choice for a kitchen surface. Its durability is matched only by its attractive appearance, and it is this combination which makes it one of the most popular choices for both country and contemporary city kitchen designs.


Although Quartz is a fantastic material, it was only in the 1980s that Quartz kitchen worktops became popular due to a simplified manufacturing process which made them more affordable. Each worktop is normally made of 90 to 95% of naturally occurring Quartz crystals. This is achieved by grinding larger chunks of stone Quartz into a fine material which is then combined with a small amount of glass and a binding agent made out of acrylic resin. Depending on the specific design, some worktops will have coloured materials included or even highly reflective tiny crystals to create a sparkling finish. This mixture is then shaped into large slabs through a moulding process, and in some cases is an antibacterial agent for more effective hygiene.


The resulting slabs are subjected to a huge amount of pressure, upwards of 100 tons, and are then put through a curing process in a specially designed kiln before finally being allowed to cool and solidify. Finally, the worktops are tested to ensure that the manufacturing process has been effective, before being polished.


What’s great about a Quartz worktop is that you can cater it to your needs and tastes. As manufacturing processes have improved, a huge range of colours is now available. Each colour is now applied with no visible variation. This means that if you use a colour for more than one worktop, or for an especially large slab, you can be sure that the appearance and presentation will be consistent no matter which viewing angle you take. Furthermore, you can have other materials included with the Quartz such as granite flecks which can will vary in a natural, organic way for those specifically looking for variation. Of course, the option to have a worktop that looks just like pure natural Quartz, complete with beautiful crystal-like translucency, is also a fantastic available choice. You’ll also find Quartz worktops with a variety of different finishes including polished, glossed, and matt.


Quartz worktops are not just beautiful to look at, but have huge advantages over other materials including being non-porous, hygienic, scratch and heat resistant, as well as being low maintenance and mould and mildew free.


If you’re looking for the best quality Quartz worktops and the highest standard of workmanship and installation services available, contact us today and let us build you the dream kitchen you truly deserve.

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