The Different Grades of Granite Worktops

Published on: Dec 04 2013 by admin

Many people get confused when it comes to the grading of granite worktops. This is because there is no international grading standard. The grade and price of the granite is usually determined by the manufacturers themselves. This is usually a reflection of the demand of colours, supply and cuts but not necessarily the quality or strength of the stone itself. The benefit of this is that ‘lower grades’ of granite slabs which are equal in quality and strength as ‘high quality’ granite slabs are cheaper.


First choice / High quality

First choice is the highest quality of granite. These granite slabs usually have very high gloss and practically no visible imperfections. The first choice granites usually come in rare colours or have distinctive patterns that make it unique therefore increasing its value. However as stated before, this grade of granite does not necessarily have better strength of durability than the other grades. First choice granites contain veins and other imperfections which may make it difficult to work with when cutting.


Commercial Quality

Commercial quality granite has very obvious defects, such as veins, cracks, clouds or blotches; although many professionals with excellent knowledge in the trade can process commercial quality granites very well. The polish on the surface may not be as fine and glossy as first choice granite but some professionals can grind the granite to achieve a better gloss. Commercial quality granites are cheaper than first choice and can sometimes be more durable due to having fewer veins.


Second choice / Second quality

Second choice granite is the cheapest of the grades. These are usually less popular as they contain many natural imperfections and blotches. However, some professionals can repair these imperfections. This can save the manufacturer money on raw materials, although this will require more time and attention during the processing of the material. Most second choice granites are cut into smaller pieces. This is because of the high concentration of veins and quartz pockets in the material. Although if a piece that fits can be found, you could see yourself saving lots of money.

To summarise, the grades of granites are not universal. These are titles given to the granite slabs by the seller. Although the better grades look better, it does not particularly mean that they are stronger or more durable. So when it comes to choosing a granite worktop for a kitchen or other areas; pick the one you like without taking too much into account of its grade.

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