What Creates the Unique Appearance of Each Granite Worktop?

Published on: Nov 02 2013 by admin

One of the most appealing things about granite is that each piece is unique. To better understand why every granite worktop has a different appearance, look back in time billions of years.


When you took geology classes, you probably learned that igneous rock forms when hot, molten magma cools. This occurs very slowly, taking millions of years, in fact. During this time, different minerals in the magma form crystals and the earth’s pressure forces them together. Then, when the earth’s plates move, they force the granite upward–where quarrymen can remove it for use.


What makes each piece of granite different from the others?


  • Mineral Content – Granite has a high content of both quartz and feldspar. However, there can be a wide variation in the other included minerals. Dark minerals, like black mica, biotite and others found against the quartz and feldspar background create the standard granite look while more exotic minerals within the granite develop different colors and patterns.
  • Cooling Rate – The deeper underground the granite forms, the longer the cooling process takes. When the process takes longer, larger crystals form–creating a lighter colored granite. Granite that cools more quickly, near the surface, is usually darker.


The natural process of granite formation creates an endless array of colors, patterns and designs. Whether it is dark grey Amadeus to colorful Violetta or something in between, there is a style that is sure to please. The unique qualities and natural beauty of a granite worktop will inspire you in a way that no other material can.


To learn more about the available options and talk to a granite specialist, contact us at Universal Granite today.

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