Which Colour of Granite Worktop is Right For You?

Published on: Aug 14 2013 by admin

Granite is one of the most popular choices for a kitchen worktop and with good reason. It is an extremely durable material which can withstand all manner of spills, temperature differences, and other stresses of day to day use – what’s more it’s also very hygienic being less porous than other surfaces such as wood which can house bacteria.

The only problem is, which colour of granite should you choose?


How to Choose a Colour of Granite For Your Kitchen


While personal tastes vary, here are the main considerations you should keep in mind when choosing the colour of your granite worktop:


  • Space: The size of your kitchen can have a real impact on the colours you might want to consider. If your kitchen is on the small size, then you might want to avoid darker colours as they can close up the impression of a room, making it feel even smaller than it actually is. With a brighter, more welcoming colour, your worktop will help open up the room making it feel more spacious. Likewise, if you have a very large kitchen, then you might want to opt for a darker worktop, creating a cosier atmosphere to the heart of the house.
  • Light: Available light is also a consideration. Should your kitchen not receive enough light from the windows or light fittings, then you may wish to use a brighter colour to stop the room from feeling too dull. 
  • Cabinets: A conventional kitchen design will normally contain cabinets fitted above the worktop. You wouldn’t want your granite worktop to be too jarring in colour with the cabinets due to their proximity. This doesn’t mean you have to have the same colour for both, but a complimentary colour scheme is advisable. 
  • Tiles, Ceiling, and Flooring: If you are decorating your kitchen from scratch then it is much easier to find  a granite worktop with a colour which compliments the tiles, ceiling and floor; however, your options would be severely reduced if you are placing a worktop into an already fitted kitchen. In this scenario you will have to ensure that the granite worktop colour works well alongside the entire room, otherwise it will seem out of place. 
  • Function of Room: If you are going to use your kitchen as a secondary place to entertain guests, then you might want to choose something more neutral and conducive to a dinner party environment. If on the other hand you will be using it as a place to eat breakfast with your family, then brighter colours could make those early rises a little more welcoming. 
  • Style: This applies most specifically to the ‘concept’ behind your kitchen design. While the colour of your cabinets, floor, ceiling, walls etc. are all important, the style of these elements is also something you should be aware of. If the room has a more rustic, country feel, then perhaps you will want a worktop which fits in to that aesthetic; likewise if the fittings are sleek and refined, you might want to go for a worktop which is darker and less overt. Contemporary kitchens often allow for lighter colours while a more traditional décor often goes effectively with a darker, deeper colour of granite worktop.


Don’t Rush Your Choice!

It is important that you remember that investing in a granite worktop is a long term venture. Because of its durability, granite is a material which very rarely needs replacing, which means that shopping for a granite worktop could be something you undertake only two or three times in your entire life. Your worktop is the centre of your kitchen, it is both functional and essential to the appearance of the room, for these reasons you must take your time when deciding on a colour. Carefully look over colour charts and compare them to either the décor which will be fitted, or the one which is already there.

If you take all of these aspects of choosing a granite worktop colour into consideration, you should be left with a fantastic kitchen which will be both great to look at and to cook in!

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