Why Quartz worktops

Published on: Jul 19 2013 by admin

Seeing as kitchen is the centre of a typical English home. The hyphenation of interior décor inside the kitchen has to always be of high quality. With winter evening’s dinner around the worktop or long summer evenings cooling ones self down beside the open door frames. It only makes sense to invest in a very well and thought provoked kitchen outfit.

Many go for a granite worktop interior solution from top to bottom. There are those who aren’t aware of quartz worktops which truly is the alternate solution. The worktops have various colours to choose from to assure you are satisfied.

There are a lot of quartz companies in the UK, but Universal granite is the largest distributor of quartz in the UK. We assure 100% authentic hand cut quartz tailor made to your liking. Our budget conscious team will help you from start to finish.
Quartz durability

Quartz surfaces are very durable and like granite they require very little looking after to keep them in perfect condition. Quartz worktops are non porous, therefore no sealing is required and stain resistance is incredibly high. They are also heat and scratch resistant, although we still recommend that you use chopping boards. No matter how durable a material if one wishes to damage then it will be damaged. So still take care with the material and let’s not try to take liberties.

Colour Variations

Seeing as Quartz worktops are manmade as opposed to other worktops. This maybe seen as benefit as you may find different variations is colours and shapes. To get the ultimate bespoke look quartz is usually used to get it just right. The best thing about quartz is its versatility. It can be upheld like a usual granite worktop with all its glory. With the flexibility of colour you can completely colour coordinate against the hardware of the kitchen.
At Universal Granite we have a huge range of samples and colours of quartz. Upon request we can even post a sample to your house. Also with our manufacturers of quartz we can at most get any shapes and sizes to tailor your kitchen. You are more than welcomed to come and talk to one of friendly staff.

For more information or to find out more of our quartz colour range please check out our website or call us on 0161 480 0828.

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